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motorolla tlk 25

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In the world of two-way radios, the Motorola TLK series stands out for its robust features and reliable performance. Among its peers—the TLK 100, TLK 110, and TLK 150—the TLK 25 distinguishes itself as a uniquely compact and wearable device that offers a different approach to mobile communication. Here’s how the TLK 25 differentiates itself from the rest and the scenarios in which it excels.

TLK 25 Wi-Fi Overview

The TLK 25 Wi-Fi is designed to provide freedom and efficiency in your communication needs. With its sleek and wearable form factor, it offers a comfortable and convenient experience.

The device has an Intuitive Voice Assistant that allows you to easily manage device functions through voice commands, eliminating the need to look at screens or fumble with devices.

The TLK 25 Wi-Fi seamlessly communicates over existing Wi-Fi networks using the full-front push-to-talk button, ensuring uninterrupted and undisturbed communication.

It also includes features like a dedicated emergency button, lone worker, and fall alert, enhancing safety in various situations.

With its 12-hour embedded battery, rugged design, and compatibility with WAVE PTX management, the TLK 25 Wi-Fi is a reliable choice for your communication needs.


The TLK 25 WIFI is designed to interoperate with other TLK radios using Motorolla Wave Technology., providing a rugged LTE solution for mixed fleets. Additionally, the TLK 25 WIFI can be connected to the MOTOTRBO R7 Digital Portable Two-Way Radio, which offers game-changing audio capabilities.

With its compatibility with TLK, MOTOTRBO, and WAVE PTX solutions, the TLK 25 WIFI ensures seamless communication across different platforms.

Design and Safety Elements

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The TLK 25 Wi-Fi features a sleek and wearable form factor, allowing for comfortable and convenient use. Its intuitive voice assistant further enhances ease of use by providing easy access to device functions.

For quick device status understanding, the TLK 25 Wi-Fi is equipped with dual LED status indicators. Safety is prioritized with a dedicated emergency button and features like lone worker and fall alert.

With its compact design and comprehensive safety features, Motorolla makes sure that there is a small learning curve for this device, and all necessary safety features are added.

Connectivity and Communication Features

The TLK 25 Wi-Fi offers seamless communication through its full-front push-to-talk (PTT) button, allowing you to easily connect with others. It also has dual LED indicators, providing a quick understanding of the device’s status.

With its sleek and rugged design, the TLK 25 Wi-Fi is suitable for full-shift operations, thanks to its embedded 12-hour battery. This eliminates the need for external speakers and mics, ensuring undisturbed communication.

Furthermore, the TLK 25 Wi-Fi includes an earpiece, enhancing both audio quality and operational experiences. With the embedded Intuitive Voice Assistant, you can reduce employee efforts and improve operational efficiency by placing calls, accessing settings, and managing emergency features through voice commands.

This feature enhances safety with a dedicated emergency button and additional features like lone worker and fall alerting.

Enhanced Communication With Voice Assistant

You can enhance your communication experience with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi’s embedded Intuitive Voice Assistant. This feature reduces your efforts by allowing you to place calls, access settings, and manage emergency features with the press of a button and voice commands.

With the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, there’s no need to look at screens or fumble with devices, making your communication process more efficient and user-friendly. The voice assistant also enhances safety with its dedicated emergency button and features like lone worker and fall alerting.

By eliminating the need for manual input, the TLK 25 Wi-Fi ensures that you can communicate seamlessly and focus on the task at hand.

How does it compare to other TLK models?

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While the TLK 100, TLK 110, and TLK 150 rely on cellular networks for nationwide coverage, the TLK 25 operates on Wi-Fi networks. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where Wi-Fi coverage is robust and cellular signals may be weak, such as large indoor facilities, hospitals, or campuses with comprehensive Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Ideal Use Cases for the TLK 25

Given its unique set of features, the TLK 25 shines in scenarios where users need to stay connected without being weighed down by their communication device. Here are a few situations where the TLK 25 would be the preferred choice:

Healthcare Environments: Medical professionals can benefit from the TLK 25’s hands-free communication, which allows them to maintain hygiene standards and communicate without interruption during patient care.

Hospitality Industry: For staff in hotels and event management, the discreet nature of the TLK 25 ensures seamless communication without impacting guest experiences.

Retail Operations: Retail workers can use the TLK 25 to communicate across the store or within a mall without the bulk of a traditional radio, keeping their hands free for customer service.

Educational Institutions: In schools and universities, the TLK 25 allows staff to stay connected across campus, leveraging existing Wi-Fi networks for clear and immediate communication.

If you want to know more about Motorola TLK25 WIFI, check their full features here.

Replacing Your Old Devices

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